Vineyards On The Scuppernong

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"When I purchased this land I discovered that it was covered in wild scuppernong grapes.  It was then that I knew I must return the land to it's natural bounty."   -Jack Bishop
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The Vineyards

In 2002, Jack Bishop, a builder and developer on the Outer Banks decided to purchase 300
acres of land on the Scuppernong River just outside the small town of Columbia in Tyrrell County to develop into a subdivision. In the process of clearing the land, Jack spent a great deal of time here and realized there was no way he would ever part with this property.  After doing some research, they discovered that the muscadine grapes were originally found on the shores of the Scuppernong River by Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition in 1584. This fascinating history was the inspiration that led Jack to returning this land to it's original bounty.  Today, there are over 25 acres of grapes being produced on this farm, twelve varieties of fresh market grapes that are found in grocery stores across the Southeastern part of the United States, and six wine grapes which will produce 8000 cases of wine in 2015.  
Vineyards On The Scuppernong