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By Land or  By Sea ~  Vineyards on The Scuppernong is located along the shores of the Scuppernong River making us one of the few places in North Carolina that you can arrive by boat to tour a vineyard.  Vineyards on the Scuppernong is a partner with Columbia and  Partnership For The Sounds River Roaming tours .  Each tour is offered from July through October on Thursdays at 11 am.  Passengers will meet at the docks in front of the Tyrell County Visitor's Center and take a 10 minute boat trip to the winery.  Vineyard owner Jack Bishop or his son Bud will greet passengers at the dock and lead a 45-minute tour through the grape fields and winery.  The boat will then return to our Wine Shop and Tasting Room  where you will get to finish your experience with a taste of our award-winning wine.  
Bon Voyage Friends... Come enjoy the experience of Vineyards on the Scuppernong!  
Contact Helen Craddock at 252-796-0723 to make your reservation.
In addition to the boat tours on Thursdays, you can also schedule a tour of our winery with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly staff to complete your experience at Vineyards on the Scuppernong.  See how our famous and award-winning North Carolina wine is made and enjoy learning the details about our winery and wine choices.  
Complimentary Scheduled Winery Tours are offered year around and can be scheduled with our Wine Shop Manager, Gayle Ryan.  Please schedule your guided tour to our vineyards and winery at least 2 days in advance of your visit with
Gayle at 252-796-4727
or by e-mail at
Do you have a large
group or are you part of a travel and tourism company?  
Please contact us by phone or e-mail  if you would like more information about our travel and tourism packages.  In addition to our tours, we offer additional tours by boat to the Vineyards. 
Travel back to our  Wine Tasting Room with Gayle or Melanie as they share with you the many favoarable grape varieties that help to elevate our wine's qualities.  Gayle and Melanie will lead you through the fundamentals of the perfect pairing while sipping each 1/2 ounce pour.  Finish on our patios under one of the umbrellas and enjoy one of your favorites.  Make sure to join our wine club so that you can continue to enjoy our wines throughout the year!

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