Vineyards On The Scuppernong

 Manteo, North Carolina
Look for us in May 2017

A visit to Manteo, whether it's for a day or for a week, can be an authentic visit back in time with historical attractions like the Roanoke Island Festival Park, the Island Farm or the Elizabethan Gardens setting the scene of a bygone era. For vacationers more interested in modern fare, the downtown offers blocks of homegrown boutiques, book shops, gift stores, and some of the region's most celebrated restaurants, all located conveniently in one downtown stretch adjacent to the bustling but beautiful Manteo waterfront.  It was certainly the perfect location for Vineyards on The Scuppernong to add their first pop-up location inside Mackey's Ferry Peanuts in the Phoenix Shops .  

Located Inside Mackey's Ferry Peanuts at The Phoenix Shops

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Vineyards On The Scuppernong